Arrangers – Contest n.2: Spring, 2.Largo

The Vivaldi Metal Project is looking for an arranger, it can be YOU! Would you like your arrangement performed by world-class musicians? Are you an arranger and do you like Metal and Classical/Baroque music? Do you like Antonio Vivaldi’s masterpiece “The Four Seasons” ? Do you like epic and majestic music? Let’s get started… It’s […]

Maria Diese

Maria Diese is a metal singer from Bulgaria. She sings in various band since 1998. After 2006 she is in the PERPETUUM MOBILE (vocals, lyrics, compositions, and management) behind the power metal band RAMPART. Maria shared the stage with SCANNER, SUSPERIA, ARKONA, BLAZE BAYLEY, WITCHBURNER, CRIPPER, GODSLAVE, HATE, GUARDIANS OF TIME, PICTURE, LONEWOLF, METAL WITCH, […]

Steve Di Giorgio

Steve Di Giorgio is an American bassist and musician who has played bass guitar in heavy metal bands such as Death, Autopsy, Control Denied, Ephel Duath, Obscura, Artension, Faust, Painmuseum, Suicide Shift, Soen, Vintersorg, Dragonlord, Iced Earth, Sebastian Bach, Obituary, and is a founding member of Sadus. He is also a founding member of the jazz-band […]

Fabrizio “Bicio” Leo

Fabrizio “Bicio” Leo is one of the most known Italian guitar players. He began playing guitar by himself at sixteen, focusing his passion and practicing on rock/fusion genre, inspired by didactic videos from such amazing players like Greg Howe, Brett Garsed, Frank Gambale just to name a few… After several collaborations as sideman and touring with highly […]

Giovanni Tomassucci

Giovanni Tomassucci is an Italian guitar player. He started playing guitar when he was 13 years old and then, six years later, he started studying music at the italian accademy “Lizard”. Meanwhile he also started to work as bass player for his own band “Voltumna”, recording in studio and performing all around the world. He […]

Lars Lehmann

Lars Lehmann is known as one of the most versatile bass player in Europe. Born in Germany, Lars has been playing bass and touring with artists such as Uli Jon Roth, Vinnie Moore, Simon Phillips, Clyde Stubblefield, Marty Friedman, Bobby Byrd, Randy Hansen, Pee Wee Ellis, Gus G. (Ozzy Osbourne), Roachford, Mark Boals (Yngwie Malmsteen), to […]

Mistheria meets Rick Wakeman

On January 12nd, 2015, Mistheria and Alberto Rigoni met the wizard of keyboards and Rock legend of all times Mr. RICK WAKEMAN (YES). We feel really amazed and deeply honored! Also, he has left a video message to all our fans, check it out! Thanks so much Rick, you’re a superb musician and a wonderful person! Special thanks […]

Tom Åsvold

Tom Åsvold is a drummer from Östersund, Sweden. He has released albums with: Dimension34, Paincraze, Polarization, to name a few. He also studied at Musicians Institute in Los Angeles 2009-2010, after that he toured the states with progressive metal band Polarization. From September 2013 – February 2015 Tom has been playing full-time in Sweden, doing […]

Stefano “Stex” Sbrignadello

Stefano ‘Stex’ Sbrignadello, is a hard rock singer and musical theater performer. He studied classical and electric guitar, classical singing, musical comedy and drama. Stex works as a professional singer, musical theater performer and session man for original and cover bands, solo artists and musical theater companies, with national and international experiences, touring with bands like […]

Göran Nyström

Göran Nyström is a rock metal singer from Stockholm, Sweden. His first full length album was released together with the Swedish Dark/Progressive metal band Dimension34. He also recorded two albums with the Italian proggressive band Twinspirits and sung with Majestic Dimension from Gothenburg. Göran is now the singer of the Swedish progressive metalband Silent Call.

Roger Staffelbach

Roger Staffelbach (Artension, Artlantica) presents himself: I started playing the Guitar at the age of 15, right after listening for the first time to Yngwie Malmsteen‘s “Trilogy” album. This really changed my world in this very minute and I knew I wanted to be a Guitar player. Soon after that I joined my first band, […]