Sean Tibbetts (bass)

Sean Tibbetts is an American bass guitarist and current bass player for symphonic power metal band KAMELOT. Sean was the original bassist of Kamelot, and is one of the founding members. He was succeeded by Glenn Barry, but has since rejoined. After leaving Kamelot he has played for Wykked Wytch and is formerly a member […]

Raphael Saini (drums)

Raphael Saini is one of the most well-known metal drummers from Italy. He performed with bands like: Iced Earth, Master, Abomination, and many more. Currently he plays for grind-core legends Cripple Bastards (Italy) and melodic metallers Jaded Star (Greece, the band features the singer Maxi Nil). Raphael Saini performed with many artists including: Chaoswave (7 […]

Ilker Ersin (bass)

Ilker Ersin is a German Rock Bass player from bands Freedom Call and Powerworld with whom he released several album and keeps constantly performing live. He’s also member of German vocalist Michael Bormann band. Ilker Ersin started to play bass in the age of 14. After playing in local bands in and around Munich/Germany, he […]

Ruben Israel (drums)

Ruben Israel is the powerful Dutch drummer in the symphonic metal band Delain. Hailing from Heerlen in the south of the Netherlands, drummer Ruben Israel joined Delain in June 2014, replacing previous stickman Sander Zoer. Ruben previously toured with Delain on their US tour with Kamelot in the fall of 2013. He’s also drums with […]

Video Diary (chapter 1)

This video diary provides greetings of some great musicians from the cast from various parts of the world! In this video: Rick Wakeman (special guest), Douglas R. Docker (arranger and lyricist), Frank Caruso (guitarist), Gabriels (arranger), Keiko Kumagai (arranger), Nicolas Waldo (arranger), Yannis Androulakakis (arranger), Andy Basiola (guitarist), Pier Gonella (guitarist), Tom Asvold (drummer), Mirkko […]

Rolf Pilve (drums)

Rolf Pilve is a drummer Stratovarius, legendary Finnish metal band spanning over two decades. Phenomenal and extremely skilled drummer, he has played in several countries over 500 shows so far and played on over thirty albums, demos and singles. Pilve became a professional drummer in 2005, recording an album both with Dreamtale and Sightless. He […]

All 12 Arrangements Completed!

Mission greatly achieved by arrangers: Douglas R. Docker, Francesco Dall’O’, Frank Caruso, Gabriels, Keiko Kumagai, Mistheria, Nicolas Waldo, Pawel Penksa, Tomas Varnagiris, Yannis Androulakakis, Zhivko Koev. Today, Mistheria completed the last arrangement, Summer’s 1st movement (Allegro). To date, all the arrangements for the 12 movements from Vivaldi’s “The Four Seasons” have been completed! Congratulations to […]