Elina Laivera (vocals)

Emerging from Mediterranean shores, multi-faceted lyrical-soprano/metal singer and songwriter Elina Laivera has come to deliver a brand new sensation with her vocal charisma. Born in Athens, Hellas, Elina studied piano and classical singing. While attending the Music High School of Piraeus she took lessons on classical European music theory, Byzantine Music Notation, classical flute and […]

Jeffrey Revet (keyboards)

Jeffrey Revet has been working as a metal keyboardist over the past 14 years. He is most known for his work as a member of the Dutch female fronted metal band Stream of Passion. With Stream of Passion Jeffrey toured all over the world and he continues to do so. Jeffrey’s contribution to the band […]

Darena Popova (choir arranger)

Award winning choir conductor Darena Popova has joined the Vivaldi Metal Project’s team of arrangers. Darena Popova is doing a tremendous job rearranging and improving our choir parts so that they can be as EPIC and POWERFUL as possible! Meanwhile she is already preparing the Academic Choir ‘Angel Manolov’ (which she is the conductor of) […]

Mark Wood (electric violin)

Mark Wood is a world-renowned performer who rose to fame as string master and founding member of the internationally acclaimed Trans Siberian Orchestra. He’s a Emmy-winning composer and teacher, as well as the founder of Wood Violins, a company that makes unique electric violins. Mark Wood’s dexterity, ferocity, texture and attack of playing almost invariably […]

Songwriting completed!

Today I’ve been composing, arranging and recording, for the Vivaldi Metal Project album, the 3rd part of the outro song titled “Doomsday”. It’s the very symphonic and epic ending which includes a “spicy” surprise… an idea that was jumping in my mind since days… and nights… Hope that you’ll like it and, yes, now – […]

Paolo Campitelli (keyboards)

Paolo Campitelli is a multi-talented Italian musician and keyboard player of the Power Metal band KALEDON. Paolo started to study classical piano and composition at the age of 9 with his teacher Antonio Alessandri from Santa Cecilia Music Accademy in Rome. At the age of 18, he quits the classical studies being interested in electronic […]