Angel Wolf-Black (vocals)

Angel Wolf-Black is a Greek singer and songwriter, and the voice of the metal band Seduce the Heaven. Her Jazz educational background, combined with her passion for Metal music, has given her the ability to produce a more versatile sound, both delicate and powerful. Angel has worked with bands of different styles of music, including […]


We are very happy, proud and excited to announce that the Vivaldi Metal Project album will be released by Pride & Joy Music record label (Germany). Here’s the official announcement: Special thanks to Birgitt Schwanke at GerMusica Promotion for believing in us and making it happen! Pride & Joy Music official website

Choir and Orchestra recording sessions

Two epic appointments are coming! Recording sessions for CHOIR and ORCHESTRA are confirmed as follows: December 2015: we’ll record the Academic Choir Manolov in Bulgaria. January 2016: we’ll record the Sinfonietta Consonus – Symphonic Orchestra in Poland. Follow our social channels to be posted about the dates, places, and be able to see pictures and videos which […]

Edu Falaschi (vocals)

Edu Falaschi, best known for his work as lead singer/songwriter with ANGRA and ALMAH is a singer, composer, arranger, producer and multi-instrumentalist. Edu is one of the most respected and famous musicians on heavy metal scene in Brazil and worldwide with his 20-year international level career, 15 albums released, about 100 songs composed and more than one million […]

Tsena Kercheva (vocals)

Tsena Kercheva, in the past performing under the artistic nickname Kris, is a vocalist and guitar player from Bulgaria. Powered by top-class vocals, her style ranges from Rock, Progressive to Opera and Symphonic Metal performing with absolute ability and lyricism. Tsena took classes for classical singing 2 years with Maestro Deliganev from Ruse, Bulgaria. Afterward, […]

Sarah Charness (electric violin)

Hailing from New York, electronic violinist Sarah Charness creates a singular blend of music that straddles the worlds of classical, pop and electronic dance music (EDM). As a soloist, Charness has toured North America with the American progressive-rock band, the Trans-Siberian Orchestra. Her vibrant, physically thrilling live performances continuously captivate audiences as she performs on […]

Douglas Docker completed all the lyrics

We all at the Vivaldi Metal Project want to deeply thank Douglas Docker for the awesome, fantastic and impressive job done and greatly completed!! Douglas gave all his best and shown, once more, all his ingenious talent! “Yesterday, November 1st 2015, after almost a year of hard work, I completed all the lyrics for the […]