Lisa Agnelli (violin)

Lisa Agnelli is a classical violinist graduated at the Conservatory of Music “Campiani” in Mantova (Italy). Among her experiences, the instership with the well renowned Sanremo Orchestra and performances with several chamber orchestras. Other Lisa’s milestones: Masterclass by Tanzenberg Castle, Austria organized by prof. P.Andriotti. Played for two years with “I Musici Scaligeri” under the […]

Nicoletta Rosellini (vocals)

Nicoletta Rosellini is an Italian singer, front-woman of Melodic Power Metal band KALIDIA. Nicoletta began her musical studies at the age of 7, as a classical pianist; after 8 years of piano lessons, she approached to the singing universe, starting to play in some local bands (from Hard Rock to Gothic metal and Alternative Metal). […]

Ksenia Milyavskaya (violin)

Concertizing regularly in recitals and concertos throughout Europe and Russia, Ksenia Milyavskaya has been acclaimed as an enormously accomplished violinist “who transforms on the stage into a bright, charismatic and virtuoso soloist” (D. Shapovalov), “that considers her well-developed and fast technique not as a goal but as a tool that allows her to convey the […]

Beatrice Bini (vocals)

Beatrice Bini is a young Italian vocalist. Songwriter and singer at Symphonic/Alternative Metal band Constraint, ranging from rock to opera, she performs offhandedly both on Classical and Rock stages. Her first serious approach to music was the study of the French Horn when she was a child, she loved it for its epic sound. She began […]

Alexandra Laya (violin)

Alexandra Laya is a French violinist. With over fifteen years of classical training in the music conservatory, she also credits influences from tango, gypsy music, and metal. Her passion for music began at a very young age. After a brief flirtation with the piano at the age of five, Alexandra graduated quickly to the violin, […]

Drummers, thank you!

We thank our monster-DRUMMERS which tracked some impressive grooves, fills, hits, shots, have shed sweat and rocked hard!! Thanks a lot for the amazing job, WE LOVE YOU! Atma Anur Dani Loeble Dirk Verbeuren John Macaluso Mark Cross Martijn Peters Maurizio Boco Mirkko De Maio Raphael Saini Rolf Pilve Ruben Israel Titta Tani Tom Åsvold […]

Ida Elena (vocals)

Ida Elena is a singer, songwriter and actress from Italy and front-woman in the Symphonic Power-Metal band Bare Infinity. Thanks to a very versatile and flexible voice, Ida Elena can easily perform from Celtic to World Music, from Rock to Metal. After studying at the Academy of drama and musical techniques over 7 years (she […]

Mayline (violin)

Mayline is an eclectic violinist inspired by a large variety of aesthetics and influences. From classical to metal passing through world music, she likes to mix styles, creating some mystical, poetical, dark and romantic colors to her compositions and arrangements. Since 2010, Mayline plays the violin in the death metal band Idensity. Their second album […]

Vincent Rain (guitar)

Vincent Rain is a neoclassical composer and guitarist from Ukraine. Since he was 12 years old his favorite composers were Bach, Vivaldi, Beethoven, Paganini and many others whose masterpieces he first listened and then began to study meticulously note by note. At the age of 16 he transcribed and performed live Bach’s Toccata and Fuga in […]