Alina Lesnik (vocals)

Alina Lesnik is a German singer and songwriter and the lead vocalist and lyricist of the metal band ONCE. Alina’s voice ranges delightfully from operatic to metal.

Singing is her passion since she was a child and started to sing in different choirs and for musical projects and contests. Her carrier as metal singer started in 2012 with the founding of ONCE. After that she started with her own YouTube Channel where she uses to cover famous metal and movie songs.

In 2015 she participated as singer in the Kitee International Music and Art Festival, dedicated to Nightwish and founded by Plamen Dimov. Moreover 2015 was the year where she released the first demo EP with her band ONCE.

Right now she is working on the debut album of ONCE that will be realized 2016. Moreover she is the singer and lyricist of new Metal Project Caedeous, founded by Paulo J. Mendes and sings for different cinematic and game music projects. In March 2016 her voice will be featured on the Album “Elementia I” by Paulo J. Mendes.

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