Beatrice Bini (vocals)

Beatrice Bini is a young Italian vocalist. Songwriter and singer at Symphonic/Alternative Metal band Constraint, ranging from rock to opera, she performs offhandedly both on Classical and Rock stages.

Her first serious approach to music was the study of the French Horn when she was a child, she loved it for its epic sound. She began her singing studies at the age of 14, out of curiosity, when she discovered that her voice had a natural tendency to the operatic style. Before that age, she was too shy to sing or to tell anyone that she liked to try it. Her teacher suggested her to began serious studies at the Conservatory, so she enrolled at the age of 16 (before it’s not possible, because the voice is not ready to undertake that kind of studies).

In the meantime, she started singing in her first band, ”Constraint”; due to her vocal style, at the beginning, they played Nightwish, Epica and Evanescence covers; then, they started writing their own music. At the age of 18, she started singing in another project too, ”Chocobo Band” (a tribute to Final Fantasy soundtracks).

At the moment, she still studies at Conservatory and she is active in the projects mentioned above; she also occasionally collaborates with many musicians.

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