Adrian Olebinski digital painter

We are super excited to announce that gifted Polish digital painter Adrian Olebinski joined Vivaldi Metal Project ! Art Group Leader at Kitee International Music and Art Festival where we had the great chance to meet him and admire his fantastic job, Adrian will make new exclusive artwork for our upcoming concerts creating an amazing […]

Barbara Szenasi dancer

For the first time ever, we welcome a dancer in the Vivaldi Metal Project! From Budapest (Hungary), we’re so thrilled to welcome the fantastic and amazing Barbara Szenasi. TCRG teacher at Barbara Dance Academy (BDA), the first and only one official Irish Dance School in Hungary with Irish Dance classes for all level and age categories […]

Recording sessions completed!

We’re very to announce that the recording sessions are completed! To date, it has been a 30-month long, fantastic and exciting journey that involved 133 solo artists, 126 members of orchestra and choirs, 15 arrangers, 4 lyricists, 4 conductors, many recording studios, sound engineers, and collaborators. Here’s the official count of our artists and ensembles: […]

Joanna Kozuch (orchestra manager)

Manager of the Symphonic Theater of Dreams project, the Sinfonietta Consonus orchestra as well as career manager of orchestra’s director Michal Mierzejewski. Joanna Kozuch is a fifth-year student of Management (specialty: project management) at the University of Economics in Wroclaw and a fourth-year student of Journalism and Communication (specialization: creative writing ) at the University of […]

Kuba Mankowski (orchestra sound engineer)

Polish producer, sound engineer and musician. Worked with top polish artists such as: Behemoth, Justyna Steczkowska, Sylwia Grzeszczak, Damian Ukeje, Ewelina Lisowska, Obscure Sphinx, Malgorzata Ostrowska, Blindead, Sinfonietta Consunus and Michal Mierzejewski. Also worked with international artists like Jordan Rudess (Dream Theater), John Porter and Robotnix. Founder and owner of Sounds Great Promotion Studio. In […]

Michal Mierzejewski (orchestrator)

Michal Mierzejewski is a Polish composer, arranger and founder of Sinfonietta Consonus Orchestra. Also, inventor, composer, arranger of Symphonic Theater of Dreams. Founder of Symphonic Evenings of PROG. In 1997 he began to learn how to play the violin in the State School of Music (1st level) in his home town Lidzbark Warmiński. Michal Mierzejewski […]