Japanese release

We’re thrilled to announce that our album “The Four Seasons” will be released in Japan on July 20th via KING Records. The Japanese version will include a bonus track as well! The song is titled “Beyond Eternity” based on “E lucevan le stelle” aria from the Giacomo Puccini‘s opera “Tosca”. Instrumental and vocal arrangement, orchestration: […]

Recording sessions completed!

We’re very to announce that the recording sessions are completed! To date, it has been a 30-month long, fantastic and exciting journey that involved 133 solo artists, 126 members of orchestra and choirs, 15 arrangers, 4 lyricists, 4 conductors, many recording studios, sound engineers, and collaborators. Here’s the official count of our artists and ensembles: […]

Diego Tejeida (keyboards)

Diego Tejeida is the keyboard player in the London-based progressive metal band HAKEN. HOMETOWN: Mexico City MUSICAL INFLUENCES & FAVOURITE BANDS: Bill Evans, Brad Mehldau, Philip Glass, Hans Zimmer, Esbjorn Svensson Trio, Pink Floyd, Opeth, Devil Doll, Mr Bungle, Infected Mushroom, Boards of Canada, Venetian Snares, Pete Zeldman, A Perfect Circle. GEAR: Korg Karma, Korg […]

Michal Lapaj (keyboards)

Michal Lapaj is a Polish keyboardist best known as a member of the progressive rock-metal band Riverside (founded in 2001). He released five albums with Riverside and toured with the band across the Europe, North and South America. Following their 2003 debut “Out of Myself”, the band were signed by major prog label InsideOut, releasing […]

Alessio Lucatti (keyboards)

Alessio Lucatti is a very talented and skilled keyboard player in the great Italian bands Vision Divine and Deathless Legacy and also found member of progressive-metal band Etherna. Alessio also played with power-metal band White Skull and meanwhile he continued performing as classically trained pianist. Alessio was born in 1982 (Pisa, Italy). He started studying […]

Gorka Elso (keyboards)

Gorka Elso, founder of Spanish Metal band Diabulus In Musica, is a keyboard player with solid Classical background. Gorka was born in Pamplona (Spain). He took piano lessons from 8 till 18, but he continued studying harmony, musical history, etc… After playing in some local bands he joined Zuberoa Aznárez and they found Diabulus in […]

Jeffrey Revet (keyboards)

Jeffrey Revet has been working as a metal keyboardist over the past 14 years. He is most known for his work as a member of the Dutch female fronted metal band Stream of Passion. With Stream of Passion Jeffrey toured all over the world and he continues to do so. Jeffrey’s contribution to the band […]

Paolo Campitelli (keyboards)

Paolo Campitelli is a multi-talented Italian musician and keyboard player of the Power Metal band KALEDON. Paolo started to study classical piano and composition at the age of 9 with his teacher Antonio Alessandri from Santa Cecilia Music Accademy in Rome. At the age of 18, he quits the classical studies being interested in electronic […]

Huseyin Kirmizi (keyboards)

Huseyin Kirmizi is a talented and prog-skilled keyboard player with solid classical background. Also composer, arranger and session player from Cyprus. Huseyin started his classical music studies at a very young age studying with Russian pianist Alexander Makaev. He formed his first rock band when he was 16. Huseyin played keyboards with The Unreal, Armageddon […]

Henrik Klingenberg (keyboards)

Henrik “Henkka” Klingenberg is a stunning keyboardist and amazing keytar player which keeps touring all over the world with Finnish Power-Metal band Sonata Arctica. Although his main involvement is with Sonata Arctica, he is also a member of the band Silent Voices and a thrash/groove metal band called Mental Care Foundation (in which he is […]

Roberto Scarpa Meylougan (pipe organ)

Roberto Scarpa Meylougan, from Venice, is one of the greatest Pipe Organ players nowdays. Top-class musician with an outstanding technique and musicality, he breaks down the barriers and with the “King of Instruments” he loves to play any music genre from Classical to Metal. Maestro Roberto Scarpa Meylougan obtained a degree with distinction in pipe […]

Sergey Boykov (keyboards)

Born in 1981 in Estonia, Sergey Boykov is a keyboardist and mastermind of the Power/Progressive-Metal band Vital Science. He has collaborated with a bunch of great musicians and bands already showing is excellent playing abilities and musical visions. Sergey has appeared on albums with the great bass player Michael Manring (Jeff Loomis, Alex Skolnick), Fabrizio […]

Nicolas Quinteros

Skilled keyboard player from Chile, Nicolas Quinteros is the mastermind of his bands Delta and Q and recently played on tour with Uli Jon Roth, Vinnie Moore, John West, Vinnie Appice, Ron “Bumblefoot” Thal and others. With a childhood involved in music because of his older brothers, Nicolas began playing keyboards at the age of […]

Andrea De Paoli

Andrea De Paoli is a keyboardist, composer and producer. Mostly known as keyboard player for great Italian metal bands (Labyrinth, ex-Vision Divine, Shadows of Steel) and prog/space band Chaos Venture, he’s also member of legendary Italian progressive band Delirium. Andrea has performed all over the world as headliner or co-touring with Iron  Maiden, Dream Theater, […]

Mistheria meets Rick Wakeman

On January 12nd, 2015, Mistheria and Alberto Rigoni met the wizard of keyboards and Rock legend of all times Mr. RICK WAKEMAN (YES). We feel really amazed and deeply honored! Also, he has left a video message to all our fans, check it out! Thanks so much Rick, you’re a superb musician and a wonderful person! Special thanks […]

Vitalij Kuprij (keyboards)

Vitalij Kuprij is a pianist, composer, and keyboardist in the neo-classical progressive metal bands Artension and Ring of Fire. In 2009 he joined the Trans-Siberian Orchestra. Vitalij Kuprij has been the recipient of numerous awards and prizes and much in demand as a soloist, recitalist, pianist and composer throughout the United States and abroad. He played in […]