Ksenia Glonty (vocals)

Ksenia Glonty is an opera and metal singer from Russia. She is the lead singer and songwriter for the power-metal band Sensorium.

Ksenia was born in Moscow, Russia. At the age of 17 she has started taking private academic singing lessons with a professional opera singer. Though she has made several long breaks during her vocal training, she kept studying the art of classical singing.

She always loved metal (along with opera), so Ksenia decided to sing in a metal band at the age of 19 becoming vocalist at the progressive-metal band Neverwhere. At the same time, she’s started studying Chemistry and Biology in Tel-Aviv University. Several months after the band broke up, on 2012 she started searching for another band to join. After several weeks, she received an invitation to join the power-metal band Sensorium, where she became the lead vocalist and started writing lyrics and all the vocal parts as well. At 2015 the band released their first full-length album named ‘The Art of Living’, which received very positive reviews from different webzines and magazines around the world.

As for her operatic career, Ksenia attended several festivals around the world and she was a member in the opera choir. After graduation at TA University, on 2015 she decided to start professional music studies at Tel-Aviv Music Academy at the opera singing faculty. Ksenia goal is to get as far as she can to become a professional opera singer, while remaining a true metal-head!

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