Lisy Stefanoni (vocals)

Lisy Stefanoni is an italian singer, songwriter and flutist, frontwoman of the metal band Evenoire. She has a clear and powerful voice that puts together different vocal techniques: classical, modern, rock, folk, symphonic metal. The result is a very personal and unique style.

Born in Cremona, hometown of the most famous violin maker Antonio Stradivari, she started studying flute and classical music at the age of six. Through the years she attended classes of modern singing, classical singing, guitar and piano.

She recorded with her band Evenoire an EP and 2 albums released by Scarlet Records in Europe, Usa and Japan and produced at Dreamsound Studios in Munich. With Evenoire she played great clubs and festivals in Italy since 2007, and Metal Female Voices Festival in Belgium in 2014.

During the last years many bands invited Lisy as a guest in studio and on stage, to play and record flute and vocal parts: she collaborated, among the others, with Node, Secret Sphere, Derdian, Rustless, MaterDea, russian Catharsis. In December 2013 she toured with Sound Storm all over Europe playing the best European live clubs as opening act for Therion and Arkona.

Besides her metal projects, she has a Master’s degree in history of art, teaches singing and plays acoustic shows. Endorsement: Briccialdi flutes.

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