Nicoletta Rosellini (vocals)

Nicoletta Rosellini is an Italian singer, front-woman of Melodic Power Metal band KALIDIA.

Nicoletta began her musical studies at the age of 7, as a classical pianist; after 8 years of piano lessons, she approached to the singing universe, starting to play in some local bands (from Hard Rock to Gothic metal and Alternative Metal). She started to take her first singing lessons at the age of 17 and she’s now followed by the vocal coach and singer Valentina Pira.

In 2010, Nicoletta founded her main band Kalidia with Federico Paolini; the band released a well-acclaimed debut album (“Lies’ Device”) in 2014 and they shared the stage with many bands/artists like Rhapsody of Fire, Vision Divine, Timo Tolkki, DGM, Kaledon, Edu Falaschi, Silent Voices (feat. Members of Sonata Arctica). Kalidia are now working on their new album, to be released in 2016.

Nicoletta is also collaborating with the Gothic band Walk in Darkness.

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