Roxy Petrucci (drums)

Roxy Petrucci is a formidable musician and the former drummer from legendary all-female ’80s AOR band Vixen and Madam X.

Roxy Petrucci was raised within a family of talented musicians. A first chair clarinetist in high school then onto college she decided drumsticks and black leather seemed a better fit, thus forming the all-female band Pantagruel later to be known as Black Lace. Inspiration then rocked Petrucci when Bonham & Moon still rolled and her proverbial cup began to overflow. “Music was in my heart but metal was in my veins” and the road would soon call.

Madam X proved to be her next outlet and born unto the cast of characters; molten-lava guitarist and sister Maxine Petrucci, bassist Chris ‘Godzilla’ Doliber and vocalist Bret Kaiser. Visually stunning, their performances were a brilliant blend of ‘Rocky Horror Picture Show’ with ‘Spinal Tap’ moments. The outrageous Madam X attained cult status as Petrucci paid her dues on an infamous 4-year tour.

Fueled by Madam X, Petrucci continued to make noise of her own on the West Coast scene when she auditioned for David Lee Roth. The Roth opportunity was a near miss as master drummer Greg Bissonette edged her out for the prized gig.

For Petrucci the black leather got even hotter when 1986 proved to be the year of the Vixen. MTV and Vixen would be a match made in heaven and the engine of the most successful all female rock band revved. Worldwide tours opening for Ozzy, Scorpions, Deep Purple and Kiss caused the flames of success to burn too hot so eventually Petrucci and Vixen parted ways in 1991 with occasional performances up to 2001.

Side projects such as Hell’s Belles and Titania never caught fire but in 2004 VH1 came courting Vixen when “Bands Reunited” found Petrucci hiding out in Germantown, WI. Leaving the fans wanting more, Vixen only performed a one-off show and then Petrucci retreated back to her side project Roktopuss featuring Lorraine Lewis of Femme Fatale and face melting guitarist Jeff Young (Megadeth).

“It wasn’t until 2010 that inspiration struck me once again like a bolt of lightning. While in Nova Scotia I was presented with the prestigious Cape Breton International Drum Festival Legends Award along with drum greats Carmine Appice, Alan White, Jerry Mercer and Virgil Donati.” “It was at that specific time and place, in the presence of so much extraordinary talent when my circle closed on my destiny in music. Awards and accolades may look impressive on the wall but to inspire other potential rock legends is an unparalleled achievement and along with rock n’ roll, will live forever.”

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