Roxy Petrucci (drums)

Roxy Petrucci is a formidable musician and the former drummer from legendary all-female ’80s AOR band Vixen and Madam X. Roxy Petrucci was raised within a family of talented musicians. A first chair clarinetist in high school then onto college she decided drumsticks and black leather seemed a better fit, thus forming the all-female band Pantagruel […]

Drummers, thank you!

We thank our monster-DRUMMERS which tracked some impressive grooves, fills, hits, shots, have shed sweat and rocked hard!! Thanks a lot for the amazing job, WE LOVE YOU! Atma Anur Dani Loeble Dirk Verbeuren John Macaluso Mark Cross Martijn Peters Maurizio Boco Mirkko De Maio Raphael Saini Rolf Pilve Ruben Israel Titta Tani Tom Åsvold […]

Dirk Verbeuren (drums)

Dirk Verbeuren is the Belgian drummer of prominent Swedish melodic death metal band SOILWORK. Dirk is highly renowned in the metal scene for his studio recordings and/or live performances with Devin Townsend Project, Fredrik Thordendal of Meshuggah, Satyricon, Jeff Loomis, Warrel Dane, Aborted, Naglfar, Scarve, Sybreed, Powermad, The Project Hate MCMXCIX and many more. Verbeuren’s […]

Martijn Peters (drums)

Martijn Peters, drummer from Netherlands, is most known for his work as a member of the Dutch female fronted symphonic/progressive metal band Stream of Passion. Martijn’s first serious attempt was 1989. It all started when his older brother bought the Deep Purple album “24 Carat Purple” with Ian Paice on drums. Martijn knew in that […]

Raphael Saini (drums)

Raphael Saini is one of the most well-known metal drummers from Italy. He performed with bands like: Iced Earth, Master, Abomination, and many more. Currently he plays for grind-core legends Cripple Bastards (Italy) and melodic metallers Jaded Star (Greece, the band features the singer Maxi Nil). Raphael Saini performed with many artists including: Chaoswave (7 […]

Ruben Israel (drums)

Ruben Israel is the powerful Dutch drummer in the symphonic metal band Delain. Hailing from Heerlen in the south of the Netherlands, drummer Ruben Israel joined Delain in June 2014, replacing previous stickman Sander Zoer. Ruben previously toured with Delain on their US tour with Kamelot in the fall of 2013. He’s also drums with […]

Rolf Pilve (drums)

Rolf Pilve is a drummer Stratovarius, legendary Finnish metal band spanning over two decades. Phenomenal and extremely skilled drummer, he has played in several countries over 500 shows so far and played on over thirty albums, demos and singles. Pilve became a professional drummer in 2005, recording an album both with Dreamtale and Sightless. He […]

Ivan Mihaljevic joins the studio staff

Not only an amazing guitarist which is already in the project, IVAN MIHALJEVIC is also a brilliant sound engineer which joined our tech-staff and is working in his Attic Room studio on the pre-production (drums and additional editing). Ivan Mihaljevic already joined the project as guitarist…

Titta Tani (drums)

Titta Tani is a drummer, singer, composer, vocal trainer, session man and producer from Rome (Italy). He has toured with Claudio Simonetti’s GOBLIN & NECROPHAGIA (legendary american gore band with members of Immortal) in USA, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Europe. As drummer Titta has recorded albums and soundtracks with Claudio Simonetti’s Goblin, Daemonia, Claudio Simonetti, […]

Atma Anur

Atma Anur is best known for his work with Mike Varney’s Shrapnel Records with artists like Jason Becker, Greg Howe, Tony MacAlpine and many others. Atma has also recorded and toured with Richie Kotzen, Greg Allman, Third Eye Blind, Journey, Joe Satriani, David Bowie and more. More artists Atma has worked with include Grammy Award […]

Dani Loeble

Daniel “Dani” Löble is a Swiss-German drummer member of German Metal band Helloween since 2005. Dani began his career with Rawhead Rexx, a band that he helped form but departed due to his new commitments to Helloween. Up until he turned 12, Dani spent lots of time bashing away on kid’s drums. Then he took […]