Elina Laivera (vocals)

Emerging from Mediterranean shores, multi-faceted lyrical-soprano/metal singer and songwriter Elina Laivera has come to deliver a brand new sensation with her vocal charisma. Born in Athens, Hellas, Elina studied piano and classical singing. While attending the Music High School of Piraeus she took lessons on classical European music theory, Byzantine Music Notation, classical flute and […]

Wade Black (singer)

For more than two decades, Wade Black has thrilled audiences worldwide fronting such legendary metal bands as Crimson Glory, Seven Witches, Leatherwolf, Leash Law, and War of Thrones. His voice is featured on more than a dozen albums and his music has been featured in major motion picture soundtracks. He has toured the world and […]

Rachel “Iron Majesty” Pedri (singer)

Rachel ‘Iron Majesty’ Pedri is an Australian singer. She had a love for Music from a very young Age, especially for Classical & Opera. Rachel later developed a Taste for Neo Classical Rock i.e. Yngwie J Malmsteen and has been influenced by many well – known Rock/Metal Acts. Iron Majesty has been Influenced by such vocalists as […]

Giorgia Gueglio (singer)

Giorgia Gueglio is an Italian singer, voice of the heavy metal band Mastercastle. She started singing in 1994, following her passion for british and american hard rock (David Coverdale, Robert Plant, Ian Gillan and more). Giorgia joined many bands and projects, ranging from Hard-Rock to Progressive, up to 2009 when she found the band Mastercastle, […]

Katerina Simeonova (singer)

Katerina Simeonova is a classically trained mezzo-soprano from Bulgaria. She also sings metal and alternative music. Katerina started taking singing lessons at the age of 15 and has gradually focused her vocal studies in Chamber music. Meanwhile she sings in metal bands (Allegorist, Pagliacci) and has collaborated with artists in different genres of Metal and […]

Iliour Griften (singer)

Iliour Griften (Giuseppe Sbriglio), Italian Opera/Metal vocalist, is the lead singer of the Greek Power-Metal band Clairvoyant. His journey began in 1998 at the age of fourteen playing bass in the Re-Load band (Metallica Tribute) but will debut later as a singer at first in the Evil Twin (Deep Purple Tribute) and then in the […]

Göran Nyström

Göran Nyström is a rock metal singer from Stockholm, Sweden. His first full length album was released together with the Swedish Dark/Progressive metal band Dimension34. He also recorded two albums with the Italian proggressive band Twinspirits and sung with Majestic Dimension from Gothenburg. Göran is now the singer of the Swedish progressive metalband Silent Call.

Roni Sauaf

Roni Sauaf is actually the singer of Brazilian band KATTAH produced by Roy Z (Rob Halford, Bruce Dickinson, Rob Rock, Tribe of Gypsies). Roni studied percussion, string instruments and drums during his childhood and youth, and for many years, also studied by his own. At the same time started the lyric singing lessons learning to […]

Mark Boals

Mark Boals is an American rock singer, noted most for his work with Yngwie J. Malmsteen, Ring of Fire, Royal Hunt. As a young child he learned to play the piano and bass guitar, but he is best known for his singing abilities. Although Boals has never had any vocal lessons or training, as a teenager he gained a lot of experience […]