Chamber Choir ‘Ivan Filipović’ 


The Chamber Choir “Ivan Filipović“, a highly acclaimed choral ensemble founded in 1998 in Zagreb (Croatia) by its conductor Goran Jerković, is considered to be one of the most successful a-cappella ensembles in Croatia.

Soprano: Hana Hanas, Lucija Jerković, Madlena Ćurić, Margareta Golenić, Martina Matić, Sonja Bartolić, Tajana Pavičević, Tihana Jokić, Valentina Antolić – Alto: Adrijana Vukša Sredoja, Ivona Andretić, Katarina Negovec, Katica Jerković, Maja Kordić, Petra Ćaleta, Zvonka Kulić – Tenor: Franjo Klinar, Ivan Rimac, Marko Fureš, Nikola Sebastian Jambrošić – Bass: Deni Nurkić, Igor Grgurić, Ivan Šćepanović, Krešimir Keča, Petar Blažeković, Velimir Hržan

Its uniqueness is reflected in many aspects and since the beginning it has been distinguished by splendid vocal technique and aesthetics shown in the interpretation of its ever exquisite and particularly demanding repertoire. Numerous awards, won in all national as well as some prestigious world competitions, bear witness to enthusiastic devotion and exceptional artistic capabilities of its members under the inspired guidance of a pedagogue and a connoisseur, its founder and conductor Goran Jerković: Grand Prix at International Choir Competition “Musica Sacra a Roma” (Rome, 2007), Grand Prix at 14th International Choir Competition (Verona, 2003), Gold Medal at 3rd Choir Olympics in Germany (Bremen, 2004), Gold Medal at 4th World Choir Games in China (Xiamen, 2006), the “Milka Trnina” Diploma for 2008, awarded by the Croatian Society of Music Artists and 1st Prize, Gold Plaque and Special Awards at Istanbul International Chorus Festival & Competition (Turkey, 2011).

Apart from triumphal performances in the mentioned competitions, Chamber Choir “Ivan Filipović” has also given many concerts throughout Croatia (Đakovo, Osijek, Poreč, Pula, Požega, Slavonski Brod, Split, Šibenik, Varaždin, Zadar, Zagreb…) as well as abroad (Italy, China, Hungary, Germany, USA…). Furthermore, the choir made two significant and very successful appearances abroad – in Israel in 2004 and Taiwan in 2006.

The Choir performed a numerous major works with Orchestras (J. S. Bach, A. Bruckner, D. Buxtehude, A. Campra, M.-A. Charpentier, J. Haydn, G. F. Händel, W. A. Mozart, A. Vivaldi atc.) and has competed worldwide (Hungary, Italy, Germany, Turkey) touring in Israel, China, France, Taiwan, Germany, USA. Their wish is to share the love of music and build bridges of international understanding.

In the year 2003 the Choir released a CD titled “a cappella”. Its performance of works by old masters and contemporary composers also testifies to the supreme audio homogeneity of the ensemble, its exceptionally dedicated singing and capabilities of stylistically authentic alternation of composers, language and musical voice. In 2010 Choir released its second CD and DVD titled “Dieterich Buxtehude: Membra Jesu nostri”, and in 2013 third CD/DVD and also music book “Praizvedbe u HAZU” (Contemporary choral music based on Croatian traditional themes).

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