Sinfonietta Consonus Symphonic Orchestra

(symphonic orchestra)

Sinfonietta Consonus Orchestra was founded by Michał Mierzejewski in the year 2008. The orchestra is widely known in the circles of rock/progressive metal music from the project created by its founder: Symphonic Theater of Dreams – a symphonic tribute to the progressive scene icon, the band Dream Theater.

The “Symphonic Theater of Dreams” album, issued on a CD on the 8th of March 2013, has been appreciated by music critics all around the world as well as the band. This very difficult project became a great prelude to the orchestra’s career. It is also supported by Dream Theater.

It consists mainly of the talented students of music schools and Academies of Music (mainly from Gdańsk). Despite their young age, Sinfonietta Consonus, the orchestra and the project Symphonic Theater of Dreams undergo a very dynamic development and cooperate with many great musicians. In the year 2013 the musicians of SC recorded an album with Jordan Rudess (Dream Theater) – “Explorations For Keyboard And Orchestra”. It is one of the most difficult projects for an orchestra which has ever been created. This project set the bar very high and we believe that it will soon become another perfect showcase of the abilities of the musicians from our orchestra. This record is one of the greatest achievements of Sinfonietta Consonus.

The orchestra also performs classical music as well as contemporary and film music.

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