Vincent Rain


Vincent Rain is a neoclassical composer and guitarist from Ukraine. Since he was 12 years old his favorite composers were Bach, Vivaldi, Beethoven, Paganini and many others whose masterpieces he first listened and then began to study meticulously note by note.

At the age of 16 he transcribed and performed live Bach’s Toccata and Fuga in D minor with Orchestra. Since than he accomplished dozens of transcriptions of favorite baroque masterpieces for guitar with orchestra, mainly Bach, Mozart, Vivladi, Beethoven, Paganini and Schubert among the others, many of them never have been performed before.

All his experience and musical researches he then expressed in his solo record Concerto Barocco for Electric Guitar and Orchestra. Vincent on his own words: “I first heard Bach and Vivaldi when I was 12 years old. Since then I have studied and learned a lot from them and other baroque composers but I have always wanted to record this music on the guitar with baroque string orchestra. I have just finished recording my solo album and neoclassical tribute to Barocco composers which will be very soon announced and released.”

Vincent continues: “…and now finally i am very proud to participate in this exciting and intriguing project called Vivaldi Metal Project. What makes it unique among the other neoclassical projects is that it is not just yet another attempt to record a piece of classical masterpiece note by note but it is rather a deep complicated study of Vivaldi’s well known masterpiece in a horizontal and vertical musical axis, the composition and arrangement both were studied deeply and re-written. This is truly unique and have never been done before in such a detail, involving dozens of musicians around the world. It’s a great honor to participate in it.” / /

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