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C M E PRO | Official Sponsor

CME PRO, one of the top professional digital music instruments brands highly reputed in the global music production industry, is the Official Sponsor of the Vivaldi Metal Project.

CME Pro is a digital musical instrument (DMI) brand originally owned by Central Music Co in Beijing, established by Mr Zhao Yitian and his partners in 1993. Since 2005, CME products have been distributed worldwide in 56 countries.

CME Pro is dedicated to digital music production and application for many years. Their dream and goal is to deliver passion of digital music to everybody supported also by their famous musicians (endorsers).

The executive team, drawn from digital musical instrument, IT and CE multinational companies, has extensive experience in product development, manufacturing, supply chain and quality management. CME shall continue to uphold the spirit of “Always One Step Ahead” and provide customers with innovative musical instrument products and services.

CME Pro is today a leading mobile musical instruments manufacturer with their amazing Xkey mobile keyboard series.


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