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Dimitar Belchev

Dimitar Belchev is the lead vocalist of the Bulgarian experimental Metal band ViolentorY.

His music experience is mainly related to the band. In 2013, their debut album “Theory of Life” was declared “No. 1 Bulgarian Metal Album of The Year” by Metal Hammer and Pro-Rock magazines. In 2014, ViolentorY opened for Amon Amarth in Bulgaria during their European tour. Later the same year they released the second EP “Transition”.

Dimitar sings in different Metal genres (and combining them) using different vocal techniques to express a wider variety of emotions and keeps him away from the boredom being a particular type of singer. Power metal singing is one of his biggest passions.

Dimitar said us: “I’m glad to be invited to put some singing power in the Vivaldi Metal Project!”


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