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New Album 'EpiClassica' Featured Staff

We would like to give a BIG SHOUT-OUT to the awesome musicians (arrangers, composers, lyricists, orchestrators) who created our upcoming album "EpiClassica"

Zhivko Koev, Melissa Ferlaak, Mistheria, Rob Rock, Jordan Von Grae, Alessandro Del Vecchio, Jeff Scott Soto, Zoe Marie Federoff, Francesco Corapi, Nick Z Marino, Yannis Androulakakis, Michał Mierzejewski, Vincent Rain, Lachlan Blackwood, Simone Dino Bet, Jeffrey Revet, Chiara Tricarico, Douglas R. Docker, Emilia Di Paquale, João Luís, Frank Caruso, Elena Crolle, Luca Basile, Carolina Leote Godinho, Rossano Capriotti, James Zeal, Guido Ruggeri, Gabriele Boschi, Clement Botz, Gabriels

PRE-ORDER the new album by July 31st! There’s still little time left until the end of the funding campaign for the new record. By heading to the following link you can get the album along with EXCLUSIVE PRIZES that will only be available during this campaign:

Vivaldi Metal Project EpiClassica arrangers composers lyricists orchestrators

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