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Gabriele Boschi

Gabriele Boschi, Italian violinist, is a young talent devoted to Classical and Metal music, and creator of the Power Metal band Winterage.

Son of art, he began the study of the violin at the age of 8. He studied with some valid Russian violin teachers, then he entered the Music Conservatory “Niccolò Paganini” in Genoa, Italy.

Gabriele plays a Salvatore Scalia‘s piece of craftsmanship, pure “made-in-Italy” instrument named “Angoli di Note“.

Beyond the study of classical music, from the age of 16 he is keen on Symphonic Power Metal, a passion that led him to found “Winterage”, Power Metal band in which he’s been performing with since 2010. In the band he plays the role of violinist, composer and orchestral arranger. In 2014, with Winterage, he recorded the debut album “The Harmonic Passage”, featuring a full symphonic orchestra and a choir; he wrote the arrangements and the orchestration, as well as the solo violin parts, often virtuosic, that refer to baroque repertoire.

During his musical training he attended various master-classes held by great violinists, also performing as a soloist the Antonio Vivaldi’s “Summer” from “The Four Seasons”. In June 2015, Gabriele will graduate in violin at the Conservatory “Niccolò Paganini” in Genoa, Italy.


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