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Italian Unplugged Tour 2017 completed

The Vivaldi Metal Project‘s “The Four Seasons” ITALIAN UNPLUGGED TOUR 2017 has been wonderful and amazing!!!

Thanks to everyone that attended the show live and/or online, that liked and commented it, that came to say hello, that showed us their passion and love for our music and our artists.

Mistheria and Tsena Stefanova – together with the guest Marina Ammouri - have enjoyed and loved touring and performing for you!!

We would like to thank, first of all, SoundsRock Agency and Arteficio for arranging the tour and making it real; all our amazing special guests: Emilia Di Pasquale, Ida Elena, Leonardo Porcheddu, Beatrice Bini; the great support

bands: Aetherna, Hamnesia, ECKO, Winterbreed, Stage Of Reality; all the venues and owners that welcomed us and hosted the concert: Chiesa S. Maria (Luco, Aq), Defrag (Roma), Circolo Colony (Brescia), MK Live Club (Carpi, Mo), Pocoloco House of Music (Paganica, Aq).

We met many friends and fans, we’ve made new friends and fans, we’ve enjoyed to talk with any of you, we’ve really loved each single moment and each single kilometer over Italy. Simply we’ve loved everything!

This tour ended, but new gigs are coming up! On December we’ll have couple gigs on the Canary Islands and other gigs are in the plan starting from next Spring 2018. Keep following us, show us your passion and we’ll keep rocking for you all!!

See you soon again on the road… Mistheria, Tsena, Marina


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