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Mark Cross

Mark Cross is a hard rock and heavy metal drummer. Cross has played in many bands in his career and is based in London, England. Over the past 25 years he has been working as a professional musician with bands and artists, and earned a reputation in the international music industry as a musician and drummer.

Bands in his roster such as legendary German Power metallers Scorpions, Helloween and Metalium, Deep Purple’s frontman Ian Gillan, gold sellers Kingdom Come, British classic rock band Saracen, Greek Power-Metal band Firewind, melodic Rock outfit Outloud, Whitesnake’s and Thin Lizzy’s Bass player Marco Mendoza and New Wave of British Heavy Metal pioneers Tank and working with known Producers such as Chris Tsangaredes, Charly Bauerfeind, Frederik Nordstrom, Kip Winger and Tommy Hansen have left a great mark in his career.


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