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New Album Featured Artist - Guitarist Milan Polak

We're very proud to renew our collaboration with one of the greatest guitarist/singer in the today's rock/metal scene! 🤘

Guitar mastermind Milan Polak returns with his 2nd participation with Vivaldi Metal Project together with his 4th vocal album “Can’t Please Everyone” (Lion Music) featuring also our producer Mistheria together with world’s best musicians such as Billy Sheehan, Ron Bumblefoot Thal, Tony Franklin, Thomas Lang, Jeff Neal of Boston, Atma Anur and others.

👉 You can pre-order (and support) our new album together with exclusive prizes at

Milan Polak uses: Ernie Ball Music Man guitars; Yamaha Music Europe acoustic guitars & basses; DiMarzio pickups, straps, cables & hardware; Victory Amps; MOOER BluGuitar AMP1, Ernie Ball strings & accessories, Steinberg products; Nembrini Audio software; IRs; Hawk Picks “Milan Polak”.


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