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Nicolas Waldo

Nicolas Waldo is a virtuoso guitarist, producer, arranger, composer and teacher. He plays guitar, drums, bass, keyboards and composes for his personal project “Nicolas Waldo” (instrumental metal/shred guitar) and other side projects.

His compositions incorporate a diverse amount of musical elements, which include; improvised solos, odd meters, poly-rhythms, classical harmony, classical counterpoint, jazz harmony, modern harmony, dense orchestration and outlandish song forms.

Nicolas Waldo was born on January 1st in Bogota, Colombia. On 1991, he studied Piano with a personal instructor; afterward, Drums at the “Fuego Juvenil” Academy and Music Theory at the “Sinfonica Juvenil de Colombia”. On 2005, Nicolas was graduated at the El Bosque University like professional musician and sound engineer.

On 2014 , Nicolas signed with the Neoclassical and Progressive Letal label Lion Music (Finland) releasing his solo album “Master Of The Universe”.

Also, he’s an exclusive artist for the following companies: Ibanez guitars, Blackstar amps, Shark Tooth U.S picks, Joyo Technology (China), Snake Picks (Australia), Rotosound strings (U.K.)


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