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Niels Vejlyt

Niels Vejlyt hails from Denmark and has been recording and teaching guitar for about 25 years. Mastermind of the Neo-Classical band Sage’s Recital, he counts several collaborations with top-notch Metal artists.

His first official band was Infinity Overture releasing two albums through Finnish label Lion Music. Niels Vejlyt ended Infinty Overture and ventured into creating a new band, Sage’s Recital and until now released a debut album.

Niels started Sage’s Recital in 2012 with the intention of creating the most intense over the top Neo Classical and Symphonic Metal featuring a myriad of guitars and orchestrations. Jakob Vand (drums) joined forces and finally John West (Artension, Royal Hunt) did the vocal duties on the debut studio album also named Sage´s Recital. Several guest recorded on the album like Franck Hermanny (Adagio) and Henrik Brockmann (Evil Masquerade). In order to go on tour and play the music live, Jonathan Arnesen joined on lead vocals. Sage´s Recital combines the Bombastic and intense Neo Classical Metal with the concept story world of Fantasy.

Niels Vejlyt also recorded a solo album on Lion Music, recorded and toured with other bands and projects like Ian Parry’s Consortium Project. Through the years Niels Vejlyt had the chance to work with amazing musicians like Fabio Lione, John West and Amanda Somerville just to name a few.


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