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Paweł Penksa

Vivaldi Metal Project staff is proud to announce that Pawel Penksa, keyboard player and composer from Poland, will be one of the arranger of the project.

Paweł Penksa is a keyboard player and composer from Poland. Since year 2003 he has been active as a session musician and a member of numerous bands like White Crow, Night Rider & Night Rider Symphony. In 2007, while working with Night Rider Symphony, he prepared new arrangements of the most famous classical pieces (Mozart, Beethoven, Bach) in symphonic metal style with polish lyrics and new music parts. In may 2014 he left Night Rider & Night Rider Symphony to devote himself to solo carrer. Currently Paweł works on the sucessor of relased in 2013 solo ep “Pandemonium” called “Tales” and other projects like live music for audio dramas of the “GOREktyw” project and movie score in “Critical Illusion”.


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