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PHANTOM OF THE OPERA + VITA - Live in Kitee/Plovdiv 2018 [Official Video]


We're glad to share with you another video from our DVD "Live Concert Premieres 2018"

This is the last song in our set-list, a mix-version of A. L. Webber's The Phantom of the Opera taken from our shows at Kitee International Music and Art Festival (Finland) and Radio Tangra Mega Rock Festival in Plovdiv (Bulgaria), followed by our song "Vita" (part 2), as composed/arranged by Zhivko Koev with lyrics by Douglas R. Docker.

Featuring: Angel Wolf - Black, Nicoletta Rosellini, Tsena Stefanova, Katerina Simeonova, Dimitar Belchev (vocals); Abigail Stahlschmidt (violin); Mistheria (piano and keyboards); Leonardo Porcheddu, Michele "Dr.Viossy" Vioni, Quentin Cornet (guitars); Dino Fiorenza (bass) and Joonas Tuuri (contrabass); Mark Cross (drums).

Video edited by FLAREvideo Produzioni.

Produced by Mistheria

Management/Booking by NINE LIVES Entertainment


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