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Rolf Pilve

Rolf Pilve is a drummer Stratovarius, legendary Finnish metal band spanning over two decades. Phenomenal and extremely skilled drummer, he has played in several countries over 500 shows so far and played on over thirty albums, demos and singles.

Pilve became a professional drummer in 2005, recording an album both with Dreamtale and Sightless. He then worked in Tampere, doing every gig possible from wedding and cover gigs to jazz gigs; he then joined Essence of Sorrow in 2006 at the age of eighteen and embarked on an European tour. Pilve subsequently moved to Helsinki, started studying at the Pop & Jazz Conservatory and joined other bands, the most important one being Stratovarius in the summer of 2012.

Rolf has played and worked with: Stratovarius, Solution.45, Utopianisti, Joe Lynn Turner, Miseration, Reversion, Timo Tolkki, Code For Silence, Status Minor, Beyond The Dream, Dreamtale, Sightless, Pulse – Tribute to Pink Floyd, Rock-It-Launcher, Crystalic, Heikki Malmberg, Sweet Jeena & Her Sweet Hearts, Nousu, Kalevi Louhivuori, The Magnificent.


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