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Tony Liotta

Tony Liotta, the drummer with the Italian name and the American groove, is independent live and studio drummer and percussionist. He worked with international artists and producers throughout the world, such as: Steve Smith, Pete York, Fredy Studer, Omar Hakim, Akira Jimbo, Carmine Appice, Mike Campbell, Mark Zonder, Kevin Moore, Richard Barbieri, John C. Marshall, Chaka Khan, and many others.

He grew up in New York and New Orleans. He is active in music business nearly his whole lifetime. Liotta started to play the drums when he was three years old. He learned his craft by the forefather of all drummers – Buddy Rich. His career began where others want to go: the first studio job of this ingenious musician was an album production with Young Generation in the age of ten. He played at Madison Square Garden and Radio City Hall.

Tony Liotta does workshops for drums and percussion worldwide. He already released two instructional DVDs. “Drum Energy” was published in autumn 2013, published at Leu Verlag. It became a standard, not only for drummers but for the music business.

Tony Liotta was one of the founder and the head of the drum and percussion division of the “Glen Buschmann Jazz-Academy” and head of drum division at Jam – Academy in Cologne. He gives lessons in Universities and trains teachers. The „Tony Liotta Drumschool“ exists more than thirteen years and considers being one of the best in Europe. Since 2014, “Tony Liotta Drumschool” works with “Jochen Schweizer adventure partner” in Germany.

Liotta’s successful concert series, “Groove Attack”, which arose from a “Tony Liotta Drumschool” event is still growing. “Groove Attack” is continued in 2015 and lasting meanwhile seven years. Here played musicans like John C. Marshall (Ray Charles), John Hayes (Mother`s Finest), Markus Scheltinga (Cyndi Lauper), Laura Majala (Buena Vista Social Club), Denis Hormes (DJ Bobo), UFO Walter (Santana)


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