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Update from Mistheria

"Hello everyone dear friends! It's time, again, for hard working at the Vivaldi Metal Project's headquarter!

Beside preparing the upcoming DVD Live Concert Premieres 2018 boxed-set (DVD+2CDs) to be released on November 29th, a couple months ago we've started working and recording the new album. Can't wait to start announcing the awesome guests and arrangers that will take part in this new exciting journey! You'll be surprised and amazed to know who is making for you the most epic and symphonic music! We would love to feel your support in this second titanic chapter of our metal opera.

Also, with our booking agency, we're working on next shows and mini-tour that should happen early next year. I hope to see many of you on the road for other unforgettable shows and moments together, and to share with you all our classical/metal-passion.

Epic greetings!"

Mistheria - creator and producer of Vivaldi Metal Project
© - Photo by Bianchi fotografi (Italy)


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