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Csaba Zvekan

Csaba Zvekan is a musician and better known as the singer for Exorcism, Raven Lord, Sardonyx, Emergency and Warpdrive, also the singer and songwriter for Killing Machine.

Csaba joined the band Emergency in 1986. However, a few years later and unhappy with the performance of some of the band members of Emergency, Csaba Zvekan has lined up a new band to come. In 1989, he set up the three piece band Sardonyx.

Around 1993, Csaba Zvekan met Jimmy Z, the lead guitar player and founder of Rough Angel. Rough Angel played a few shows around Hollywood and were opening act at the ”Country Club” in Reseda, CA . Due to their popularity a sponsor was found to finance some new recordings. This work was done again at Paramount Recording Studios.

As of September 2009 Csaba Zvekan a full member and part of the composer/songwriter for the band Killing Machine. He is replacing Mike Vescera and James Rivera. The band was the supporting act for AC/DC’s Black Ice World Tour on the French leg. They played in front of 130’000 spectators in Nice, Stade Charles Ehrman and Paris, Stade de France.

In March 2011 Csaba Zvekan has signed a promotion and management contract with Rock N Growl Records, Germany. Shortly after that the band Raven Lord was announced.

In October 2013 the band Exorcism is announced to be signed to Golden Core/ ZYX Music Germany, releasing their debut album “I AM GOD” on April 25th worldwide.

Fronted by vocalist Csaba Zvekan with a line-up that consists of the cream of the crop of musicians from the Hard Rock and Heavy Metal genres, ZVEKAN is the new heavy metal “behemoth“. ZVEKAN’s music contains neo classical influences as well as trace elements of Power Metal, though ultimately the combined talents of the individual members result in a most uniquely commanding and modern sound.


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