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Henrik Klingenberg

Henrik “Henkka” Klingenberg is a stunning keyboardist and amazing keytar player which keeps touring all over the world with Finnish Power-Metal band Sonata Arctica.

Although his main involvement is with Sonata Arctica, he is also a member of the band Silent Voices and a thrash/groove metal band called Mental Care Foundation (in which he is the vocalist rather than the keyboardist). He has also recently started a melodic death metal side project called Graveyard Shift as vocalist with his former Sonata Arctica bandmate Jani Liimatainen.

Before joining Sonata Arctica, he had participated in a large enough number of bands.. His most well-known previous band was a progressive power metal band called Requiem, with whom he recorded two albums and contributed keyboards.

In February 2012 he released his first solo album “…And the Weird Turned Pro” in which fellow Sonata Arctica bandmates Elias Viljanen and Pasi Kauppinen play the guitar and the bass, respectively (though Kauppinen was still not a member of the band). They are also joined by Finnish drummer Jari Huttunen.


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