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Nicolas Quinteros

Skilled keyboard player from Chile, Nicolas Quinteros is the mastermind of his bands Delta and Q and recently played on tour with Uli Jon Roth, Vinnie Moore, John West, Vinnie Appice, Ron “Bumblefoot” Thal and others.

With a childhood involved in music because of his older brothers, Nicolas began playing keyboards at the age of 13, influenced by progressive rock music, classical composers and movie/anime soundtracks.

Prolific composer and arranger, Nicolas composed eight albums for his own projects, Delta (Progressive Power Metal) and Q (Fusion), released and distributed by Australis Records, Mylodon Records, Nightmare Records and Twilight Records. Also, he has recorded thirteen albums for other artists from Metal to Pop and appears on six live DVDs.

Nicolas performed in many festivals around the world including the “Progressive Nation at Sea”, “Festival de Viña” and “Klavitara Zagreb Festival 2014″ and performed live for several artists around the world. The last tour was in the United States for the “XG – Extreme Guitar Tour” playing with German legend Uli Jon Roth and the American virtuoso Vinnie Moore.


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