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Oliver Holzwarth

Oliver Holzwarth, German Bass player from the Italian Symphonic Power Metal band Rhapsody of Fire, is one of the most appreciated bassist in the Metal scene since decades, Oliver played also, among others, with Blind Guardian and Tarja Turunen.

Oliver had been the live/studio bass player for Blind Guardian between 1998 and 2012. Moreover, he is a member of the side project Coldseed. He also was the bass player of the progressive metal band Sieges Even, which he and his brother were founding members of, and played bass for power metal band Power Quest. In 2011, he released an EP called The Mirror of Silence with Pergana. In 2009–2010, he played with Tarja Turunen, the tour has been recorded on CD/DVD “Tarja Live at Luna Park” and released on 2015 (Discography).

Full list of bands Oliver played with: Rhapsody of Fire, Telergy ft. Oliver Wakeman, Blind Guardian, Cold Seed, Sieges Even, Tarja Turunen, Demons&Wizards, Paradox, Power Quest, Leaves Eyes, Charing Cross, Pergana, HankDavisonBand.

Oliver is also CEO & Founder at the “Talking Bass Online” where he offers interactive teaching, training and coaching services designed for bass players of all ages and levels of knowledge and experience.


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