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Rachel ‘Iron Majesty’ Pedri

Rachel ‘Iron Majesty’ Pedri is an Australian singer. She had a love for Music from a very young Age, especially for Classical & Opera.

Rachel later developed a Taste for Neo Classical Rock i.e. Yngwie J Malmsteen and has been influenced by many well – known Rock/Metal Acts. Iron Majesty has been Influenced by such vocalists as Ronnie James Dio, Jeff Scott Soto (Ex Yngwie Malmsteen), Bruce Dickinson (Iron Maiden) & Annie Wilson ( Heart).

Iron Majesty is also Operatically Trained. She did her Training at WAPAA, A well-known Drama/ Muscial Theatre & Opera School in Perth Australia. Iron Majesty has had experience working In Showbands, Italian Song Festivals in her home town and has done various projects as backing vocalist. She has been Lead Vocalist In her own Rock/ Power Metal Band, ‘Ravens’ Head’ of Perth Western Australia, who has performed quite a few concerts along with their well Known Peers In The Perth Metal Scene, ‘Black Steel’ & ‘Voyager”.

With the Inception of the Iron Majesty persona after her long held position as lead singer for Rock/Metal band “Ravens’head”, Rachel has gone onto do a lot of session work & looks to expand her horizons. Iron Majesty has worked with Steve Ravic of ‘Metal Warriors’ & ‘Majestic Films’ Fame. He has done a lot of work with Overseas Acts such as, Rhapsody of Fire, Gun Barrel, Gamma Ray, The Poodles of Sweden, just to name a few.


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