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Rich Marks

Rich Marks has been playing bass for 24 years, is fluent in many styles from neo classical to jazz, funk and metal. He has shared the stage with many national bands such as Anvil, Dio disciples, Drowning Pool, Firewind, Mushroom Head , KAMELOT, and many more

Currently he plays in the super shred group HOLMES AND SLICE alongside shred legends Rick Renstrom, Mistheria and Atma Anur. He is also playing in Metal band War of Thrones With Rick Renstrom, vocal legend Wade Black and drummer Patrick Johanson. Rich Marks amazing style and ability to match Rick Renstrom on some of the fastest leads is unprecedented. Several tracks feature incredibly melodic bass solos that showcase Rich impressive abilities and leave no doubt that bass can shred as well! It must be heard to be believed.


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