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Roberto Scarpa Meylougan

Roberto Scarpa Meylougan, from Venice, is one of the greatest Pipe Organ players nowdays. Top-class musician with an outstanding technique and musicality, he breaks down the barriers and with the “King of Instruments” he loves to play any music genre from Classical to Metal.

Maestro Roberto Scarpa Meylougan obtained a degree with distinction in pipe organ, harpsichord, composition and pre-polyphonic chant at the Benedetto Marcello Conservatory in Venice under the guidance of Sergio de Pieri and W. van de Pol. Then he specialised in France with J. Guillou, M. Chapuis, J.P. Brosse and G. Litaize.

He played as organist and harpsichordist at the main French, Italian and German cathedrals. Since 1978 he frequently holds many concerts throughout Europe. In 1982 and 1983 he was awarded the absolute first prize “Città di Stresa”. In 1985 he received an invitation from Vatican City in order to play an organ concert on the occasion of Pope Giovanni Paolo II’s first visit in Venice. After a year he played at Saint Giovanni end Paolo Church in Rome. Olivier Messiaen and Karl Richter appreciated his particular virtuosic technique using pedalboard and many composers dedicated to him many original works for solo pedalboard.

In the meanwhile, from 1992 to 2000 he worked as producer with the main opera theatres in Europe and with some great personalities such as Claudio Abbado, Viekoslav Sutej, Sir Roger Norringthon, to name a few, and with symphonic orchestras: Mahler Chamber orchestra, London Philarmonic Orchestra, Opera of Nizza, Opera de Sevilla, Regio di Parma, Teatro di Torino, and many more. He played as soloist with “I Solisti Veneti” directed by Claudio Scimone. After that, he was invited in Zagreb, where he played F. Poulenc’s “Concert for organ, string and ketteldrum orchestra” with the Zagreb Philarmonic Orchestra directed by Vjekoslav Sutej at Lisinsky Hall.

In summer 2006 he recorded as soloist his latest album “Children”. This is a part of a personal project, which aims to revaluate and rediscover the pipe organ as means of aggregation and fun and to spread out new and uncommon repertories for this instrument.

Roberto Scarpa Meylougan is member of the Duo Symphonia (Organ and Piano) together with Mistheria.


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