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Roger Staffelbach

Roger Staffelbach (Artension, Artlantica) presents himself:

I started playing the Guitar at the age of 15, right after listening for the first time to Yngwie Malmsteen‘s “Trilogy” album. This really changed my world in this very minute and I knew I wanted to be a Guitar player. Soon after that I joined my first band, I started to take lessons at the Jazz School in Lucerne/Switzerland and went to GIT in Los Angeles later on.

Another memorable moment was when I met Vitalij Kuprij in my hometown in Switzerland. Things changed soon after that as we founded Atlantis Rising in 1993 and recorded two demos, the second one eventually led to our first recording contract with Mike Varney’s label Shrapnel Records. To say I was excited is a understatement, a dream of mine came true in this very moment. We renamed Atlantis Rising to Artension, the lineup for the debut album consisted of Vitalij Kuprij, John West, Mike Terrana, Kevin Chown, and myself.

I have been featured several times in Young Guitar and Guitar Magazine in Japan, as well as in numerous other magazines such as Burrn!, Fuzz Magazine etc. . I was the guitar player for Artension, Angel of Eden and now Artlantica. I have been playing on numerous albums as a guest and session musician, Mistheria and Vitalij Kuprij to name a few. I also appeared on the “Shawn Lane Tribute” album with my song “Towards the Light” released by Lion Music in 2004.

I have been blessed to work with a lot of outstanding musicians during my recording career, here’s a list of some people I had the honour and pleasure to work with so far: John West, Mistheria, John Macaluso, Vitalij Kuprij, Shane Gaalas, Kevin Chown, John Onder, Goran Edman, Steve di Giorgio, Dani Loeble, Mike Terrana, Chris Caffery, Ramy Ali, Carsten Schulz, David Shankle, Ferdy Doernberg.

After Artension I founded a new band called Angel of Eden, the album “The End of Never” was released 2006 in Japan through Marquee/Avalon and Lion Music in Europe. We received rave reviews, and the feedback was positive, encouraging for sure. This album was my opportunity to have more control over the musical direction and the songwriting process. I also loved producing it.

My newest adventure is Artlantica and our new album “Across the Seven Seas” has been released in May 2013 worldwide via SPV/Steamhammer. I reunited with my friends John West on vocals, Mistheria (keys) and John Macaluso (drums) completing the lineup. Guest players include Steve DiGiorgio (Bass), Dani Loeble (Drums) and Chris Caffery (Guitars). The Album is currently receiving incredible reviews all over the world, and we’re exciting for what is still to come for this great band.This album means a lot to me and so far this is my favorite album.

For 2015 there are some exciting things to come, I’ve a guest appearance on the new DGM (David Shankle) album, I’m as well on the new Mistheria Instrumental album ‘Gemini’ as well as a guest perfomance on two songs on the new Signum Regis EP, which will be out in Spring 2015. More to come including a “surprise” album.

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