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Roni Sauaf

Roni Sauaf is actually the singer of Brazilian band KATTAH produced by Roy Z (Rob Halford, Bruce Dickinson, Rob Rock, Tribe of Gypsies).

Roni studied percussion, string instruments and drums during his childhood and youth, and for many years, also studied by his own. At the same time started the lyric singing lessons learning to use many techniques that could provide various tones with his own style and showing all his versatility. Today he is member/creator of band KATTAH from Brazil and a professional vocalist.

His main influences are Dio, Timo Kotipelto, David Coverdale, Bruce Dickinson, The Cult, The Police, Wael Kfoury among many other bands and respected names of the music history in Brazil and worldwide.

Recent collaborations feature Roy Z (Bruce Dickinson, Sebastian Bach, Judas Priest, Kattah) and Andy Haller (System Of A Down, Ozzy Osbourne, Snoop Dog, Will Smith , Kattah).

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