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Sergey Boykov

Born in 1981 in Estonia, Sergey Boykov is a keyboardist and mastermind of the Power/Progressive-Metal band Vital Science.

He has collaborated with a bunch of great musicians and bands already showing is excellent playing abilities and musical visions. Sergey has appeared on albums with the great bass player Michael Manring (Jeff Loomis, Alex Skolnick), Fabrizio Leo, Marcel Coenen, Gianluca Ferro, Theodore Ziras, Marco Minnemann, Gianfranco Continenza, Thiago Trinsi, Joop Wolters, Jonas Tamas, Atanas Shishkov and Phi Yaan-Zek, just to name a few.

In 2014, Sergey Boykov released “Falling Skies”, his solo album. “A very tonic sonic design demanding and complex, stylistically quite similar to his main band VITAL SCIENCE enhanced with lot of surprising improvements borrowed to other genres, the Estonian keyboard virtuoso Sergey Boykov unleashes an impressive slab of high tech instrumentals, a manifesto of furious skills, eight cuts of a crossover of genres with mastery, helped in his task by many usual suspects of the Underground Prog Metal worldwide scene such as Marco Minnemann (THE ARISTOCRATS/NECROPHAGIST), Alberto Rigoni (TWINSPIRITS) or Ray Riendeau (exHALFORD) with axe soloists like Shrapnel’s recording artist Fabrizio Leo, Hedras Ramos or Joop Wolters.” (source:


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