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New Official Lyric Video 'Wrath of Mortals'

We are pleased to release the lyric video for "Wrath of Mortals", a song - taken from our latest album "EpiClassica" - composed and arranged by Zhivko Koev, based on the legendary Romance n. 2 in F, op. 50, by Ludwig Van Beethoven.

"The righteous fury of the downtrodden. Divinity restoring balance to the world through the actions of the (seemingly) helpless. The victims of injustice are the fuel for society’s transformation. Within our psyche it is this wrath that gives us the strength to stand up and fight in the defense of justice, harmony, progress. The powers that be will always try to protect the status quo, lest they lose their position of privilege. Enter the Wrath Of Mortals! Balance - restored." [Zhivko Koev - Author's note]

Rhythm Guitar: Ivan Mihaljevic

Classical Guitar: Andreas Kisser 

Keyboards: Mistheria 

Lead/Solo Violin: Abigail Stahlschmidt 

Strings: Wild Queens

Choir: Modern Royal Voices

Lyrics by Zhivko Koev.

Orchestra and Choir written by Zhivko Koev and arranged by Mistheria.

Video concept & video production by Goran Viz Babić.

Produced by Mistheria.

"EpiClassica" is available at

© 2024 - Mistheria productions.


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