Arrangers – Contest n.5: Summer, 1.Allegro

The Vivaldi Metal Project is looking for an arranger, it can be YOU! Would you like your arrangement performed by world-class musicians? Are you an arranger and do you like Metal and Classical/Baroque music? Do you like Antonio Vivaldi’s masterpiece “The Four Seasons” ? Do you like epic and majestic music? Let’s get started… It’s […]

Rick Wakeman

On January 12nd, 2015, Mistheria and Alberto Rigoni met the wizard of keyboards and Rock legend of all times Mr. RICK WAKEMAN (YES). We are extremely proud to announce that Rick has confirmed his participation in the Vivaldi Metal Project. We feel really amazed and deeply honored! Also, he has left a video message to all our fans, check […]

Rich Marks (bassist)

Rich Marks has been playing bass for 24 years, is fluent in many styles from neo classical to jazz, funk and metal. He has shared the stage with many national bands such as Anvil, Dio disciples, Drowning Pool, Firewind, Mushroom Head , KAMELOT, and many more Currently he plays in the super shred group HOLMES […]

Titta Tani (drums)

Titta Tani is a drummer, singer, composer, vocal trainer, session man and producer from Rome (Italy). He has toured with Claudio Simonetti’s GOBLIN & NECROPHAGIA (legendary american gore band with members of Immortal) in USA, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Europe. As drummer Titta has recorded albums and soundtracks with Claudio Simonetti’s Goblin, Daemonia, Claudio Simonetti, […]

Tomas Varnagiris (arranger/guitarist)

Tomas Varnagiris is one of the most active guitar players and arrangers in the Lithuanian music scene. Some of his best-known performances evoke classical and rock music mixed together. Since 1989 he is playing in various Lithuanian rock bands. In 1997 he finished Vilnius Conservatory. In 2008 he released solo album „Vivaldi In Rock“, on […]

Leonardo Porcheddu (guitar)

Leonardo Porcheddu is an Italian guitarist, composer, arranger. Extraordinary virtuoso with an impressive control of technique, expressivity and sound, his playing style ranges seamlessly from Rock to Fusion, from Prog and Jazz-Rock to Metal. Teacher at “Percento Musica”, “Ladybird Project”, “European School of Music”, “Music Village” music schools with a wide and deep knowledge about […]

Rachel “Iron Majesty” Pedri (singer)

Rachel ‘Iron Majesty’ Pedri is an Australian singer. She had a love for Music from a very young Age, especially for Classical & Opera. Rachel later developed a Taste for Neo Classical Rock i.e. Yngwie J Malmsteen and has been influenced by many well – known Rock/Metal Acts. Iron Majesty has been Influenced by such vocalists as […]

Milan Polak (guitar)

Throughout an impressive career spanning two decades guitarist, singer, songwriter & producer Milan Polak has played with members of Guns n’ Roses, Billy Sheehan (Mr. Big, Steve Vai), Marty Friedman (Ex-Megadeth), Dimebag Darrell (Pantera), Kip Winger (Alice Cooper, Winger), Falco and many others. He was featured in “Guitar for the Practicing Musician” as well as on several CD samplers […]

Dimitar Belchev (singer)

Dimitar Belchev is the lead vocalist of the Bulgarian experimental Metal band ViolentorY. His music experience is mainly related to the band. In 2013, their debut album “Theory of Life” was declared “No. 1 Bulgarian Metal Album of The Year” by Metal Hammer and Pro-Rock magazines. In 2014, ViolentorY opened for Amon Amarth in Bulgaria […]

Benjamin Lechuga (guitar)

Benjamin Lechuga is an electric/acoustic guitarist and composer from Chile in the Power-Prog Metal band DELTA and the instrumental LECHUGA Project. His vast Live experience includes shows for over 45,000 people and stage sharing with diverse worldwide artists as Dream Theater, Miley Cyrus, The Doors, Andy Timmons, Symphony X, Stratovarius, among others. His career has […]

Giorgia Gueglio (singer)

Giorgia Gueglio is an Italian singer, voice of the heavy metal band Mastercastle. She started singing in 1994, following her passion for british and american hard rock (David Coverdale, Robert Plant, Ian Gillan and more). Giorgia joined many bands and projects, ranging from Hard-Rock to Progressive, up to 2009 when she found the band Mastercastle, […]

Dr. Viossy (guitar)

Michele “Dr.Viossy” Vioni is renowned as an italian virtuoso guitarist both in Hard-Rock and Prog/Neoclassical Metal thanks to his famous renditions of some of the greatest Classical masterpieces. Michele started from an early age the study of classical and electric guitar, he is the guitar player for Michele Luppi (Whitesnake, Secret Sphere, MLB), Absynth Aura […]

Katerina Simeonova (singer)

Katerina Simeonova is a classically trained mezzo-soprano from Bulgaria. She also sings metal and alternative music. Katerina started taking singing lessons at the age of 15 and has gradually focused her vocal studies in Chamber music. Meanwhile she sings in metal bands (Allegorist, Pagliacci) and has collaborated with artists in different genres of Metal and […]

Douglas R. Docker official lyricist

Dear friends, we want to reveal to you that multi-talented musician Douglas R. Docker is our official lyricist! Based on the concept developed by project’s producer Mistheria, Douglas is writing the lyrics for each concert of “The Four Seasons”. Here are a few words from him: “Hello everyone! This is Douglas from space metal opera […]

Iliour Griften (singer)

Iliour Griften (Giuseppe Sbriglio), Italian Opera/Metal vocalist, is the lead singer of the Greek Power-Metal band Clairvoyant. His journey began in 1998 at the age of fourteen playing bass in the Re-Load band (Metallica Tribute) but will debut later as a singer at first in the Evil Twin (Deep Purple Tribute) and then in the […]

Sergey Boykov (keyboards)

Born in 1981 in Estonia, Sergey Boykov is a keyboardist and mastermind of the Power/Progressive-Metal band Vital Science. He has collaborated with a bunch of great musicians and bands already showing is excellent playing abilities and musical visions. Sergey has appeared on albums with the great bass player Michael Manring (Jeff Loomis, Alex Skolnick), Fabrizio […]

Niels Vejlyt (guitar)

Niels Vejlyt hails from Denmark and has been recording and teaching guitar for about 25 years. Mastermind of the Neo-Classical band Sage’s Recital, he counts several collaborations with top-notch Metal artists. His first official band was Infinity Overture releasing two albums through Finnish label Lion Music. Niels Vejlyt ended Infinty Overture and ventured into creating […]

Filippo Lui (string arranger)

Filippo Lui is a pianist, composer and producer specialising in arrangements for string sections at his The Crystal Music Studios. He had his first approach to music at age of 5, showing a great interest in composition. He studied film music in Rome and at the conservatory in Mantova. In the following years, Filippo played his […]

Simone Mularoni (guitar)

Simone Mularoni is one of the most talented guitarist in Italy. He is currently member of the progressive Italian band DGM and Empyrios. Simone has also produced several metal bands in Italy.   Official Website  

Francesco Ivan Sante Dall’O’ (arranger)

When we have confirmed his participation in the project, Francesco Ivan Sante Dall’O’ said to us: “I’m really proud to participate in this great project and excited to work with such great musicians which have been so important during my formative years and a truly inspiration, also I’ll have the opportunity to pay tribute to […]