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New Album Featured Arrangers - Jeffrey Revet and James Zeal

Big shot-out to Jeffrey Revet (arrangement/composition and keyboards) and James Zeal (arrangement/composition and guitars), two fantastic musicians that joined forces in creating a spectacular song for our new album!

Jeffrey Revet and James Zeal arrangers Vivaldi Metal Project

Jeffrey Revet is a keyboardist/songwriter/producer from The Netherlands. His career starts off as a member of the Dutch symphonic metal band Stream of Passion. Jeffrey joins the band while still studying keyboards & music production in 2008. In the years that follow he contributes to 3 studio albums, a live DVD and several tours over Europe, North America, Canada, Russia and Israel. After Stream of Passion played its last show in December 2017, Jeffrey works as keyboardist and musical director for several Dutch theater productions, including The War Of The Worlds and Queen The Music. These tours, ongoing productions in his own studio and being a teacher at the ArtEZ Conservatory result in a busy schedule, but nonetheless the year 2020 hold some projects that have a focus on the more heavy rock and metal music Jeffrey has loved ever since he started playing music. These projects include the release of a brand new rock album, a new live band and of course the collaboration in the new Vivaldi Metal Project!

James Zeal is a Dutch guitarist and songwriter. At the age of 15 he started learning his guitar chops and later on completed his study on pop music in Enschede, the Netherlands in 2015. After that he was lead guitarist in a big theater tour playing "The War of the Worlds" in his own country. Currently, James Zeal is participating in different projects and bands and very excited to collaborate with so many amazing musicians on this Vivaldi Metal Project!


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