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New arranger/composer Luca Basile

Luca Basile is an Italian cellist, arranger and composer, he plays with the Symphonic metal band Elegy of Madness. Specialized in classical music and in Metal/Rock music with a great passion for Epic Cinematic sound!

He toured all over the world both with Symphonic Orchestras and metal bands including Elegy of Madness, opening festivals and shows for band such as Sabaton, Arkona, Lacuna Coil, Vision Divine, Therion, Amorphis and others.

He released 4 albums with his band and lots are the collaborations with other projects both as cellist and arranger/composer from Metal, Epic/Classical music, Pop and Jazz.

Composer for films and video-games, he is also cello and music theory teacher in differents music schools.


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