New arranger/composer Rossano Capriotti

Rox Capriotti is an Italian composer, producer, vocalist, piano, keyboards and bass player.

At seven, he started classical piano training in his home town, San Benedetto del Tronto, Italy with his teacher Salvatore Pettini, and after a few years formed his very first band, The Lotus initially as a keyboard player. His great admiration for the masters of rock such as Queen, Pink Floyd, Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin and the most recent Muse, drove him to take the microphone and become a singer.

Within a few years Rox learned to play the guitar and the bass, which has become one of his favorite instruments along with the piano.

Besides The Lotus, Rox has played and collaborated with many artists like the Italian prog-rock band InnerShine, UK prog metaller Prospekt, the British singer-songwriter Sukh, the Italian rapper Rismo.

Currently, he resides in Manchester, UK where he's formed his new band called Shape Of Water, which will release their first album in 2020.

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