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Yannis Androulakakis

Yannis Androulakakis is a composer, arranger and guitarist from Greece with a solid classical music background, an artist of Audiosparx and the mastermind of the solo metal band Royal Quest.

His compositions include music for theater, musicals, film soundtrack, jazz, a string quartet and of course progressive and symphonic metal.

It all began at the age of fourteen, when he started playing the electric guitar and listening to metal bands. Driven by an almost compelling need to express his newly arising music inspirations he started to write songs in the style of rock and metal. Few of his early drafts were included many years later in parts of the epic-fantasy symphonic metal album “the Tale of Man” (which will be released in sping 2015).

As an amateur actor he developed also a passion for theater, which resulted in the creation of more concept-based and dramatic music throughout the years.


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