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Strings recording session for our 2nd studio album with Zagrebacki Salonski Ansambl completed!

Updated: Sep 14, 2020

We are excited to announce that we have successfully completed the string recording session for our 2nd studio album! It was a long and intense session with 15 pieces in the song-list that the fantastic string section of the Zagrebački salonski ansambl completed in such a magnificent way! 🤘🎻🔥

Zagrebacki Salonski Ansambl recorded on Vivaldi Metal Project 2nd studio album

A huge thank to these extremely talented musicians for their enthusiasm, dedication, professionalism and, of course, the wonderful sound with which they embellished all the songs. AWESOME!

From up-left: Marta Balenović, Petar Haluza (violas) - Jasmina Bojić, Iva Kralj (violins II)

Martina Drakulić, Lara Silvestri Valdevit (violins I) - Lovro Kovačević (cello)

Special thanks to Lara Silvestri Valdevit for the precious overall organization, to Maja Kristić from the Pučko otvoreno učilište Zagreb (Croatia) for the kind welcome and lovely support to the recording session, to Ivan Mihaljevic from the Supersonic Songbird Studio (Zagreb) for the great miking and recording work.

Recording session conducted and produced by Mistheria.



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