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Zhivko Koev

Zhivko Koev is a Bulgarian composer, keyboardist and lyricist, founding member of the bands Pagliacci and Allegorist.

He started playing the piano at the age of twelve with the sole purpose of learning to compose his own music. Two years later he joined his first metal band.

Zhivko has been influenced by various genres including Prog-Rock, Gothic Metal, Symphonic Metal and Classical Music. He combines all of these influences (and more) in his original compositions.

He is known for his story-driven songwriting and conceptual lyrics. In his work, he strives to achieve a balance between the musical and lyrical components of a song so that they enhance and complement one another.

About the Vivaldi Metal Project, Zhivko says: “I love the idea for the Vivaldi Metal Project! Vivaldi’s music has always had a special place in my heart and in the line-up for the Project I see some of my all-time favorite musicians!“


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